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Water well drilling

We provide water well drilling services for all your needs: 

- Private wells (Even in town!)

- Residential (new and existing sites)

- Farmyard wells

- Remote wells with solar pumps

Designed, drilled and completed to the highest EU environmental and groundwater protection standards. We are a Sask Water Security Agency registered drilling contractor in good standing.

Geothermal drilling

Save money and save the planet!


With our European geothermal system design, we can design and install vertical ground source loops, even in town, and even on the smallest lot.

The most efficient traditional heating systems struggle to reach 90% efficiency, whereas ground source heat pumps can reach up to an amazing 300% efficiency! Give us a call today and reduce  your heating bill next winter!

Dewatering drilling

You know the one:


That stubborn low spot in the corral; no matter what you do, every spring it transforms into an intractable soup hole, with cows and tractors buried up to the horns.

Now imagine, when the ground starts to thaw in the spring, you plug in your custom designed dewatering system and dry that low spot out from the bottom up - no more lost time, damaged equipment and grey hairs!



Berntson Drilling Inc. was registered in Canada in 2020. 

Founder and owner Tom Berntson was born and raised on a farm in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan. 

After graduating Highschool in Oxbow, he started his career in the energy sector, working service- and drilling rigs, operating a waste-disposal site and diverse services for the oil industry. 

In 2012 he went overseas to widen his expertise in the field. He was the first Canadian ever to graduate as a State Certified Drilling Engineer(DE) in Freiberg, Germany in 2016, and built his expertise from there: Drilling geothermal and water wells in the mountains of Saxony, Germany, pilings drilling for national highway and industrial projects, dewatering and munitions disposal drilling across Germany. 

As a Drilling Engineer in Botswana (Africa), he led the record breaking Kimberlite exploration drilling in the worlds richest diamond mine by value.

His next project took place in Switzerland for the nuclear waste disposal program of the Swiss government. 

Back to the roots: Tom now lives with his family back in Saskatchewan, just a mile from where he grew up, and uses his expertise to bring essential services to the Prairies.

Field of Wheat


At Berntson Drilling, we strive to live out our motto of "European Quality, Saskatchewan Service".

Changing climate conditions affect us all, and the prairies have seen drier weather over the course of the last five decades. Where our grandparents could rely on a dugout to sustain their household and stock, a deep well is now the only way to guarantee year-round water when and in the amounts you need. 

We strive to provide you with the most necessary ingredients for life on the Great Plains: water and heat. 




Please contact us for informations and quotes. 

By phone:       1-306-485-6440 


by email:


P.O. Box 134

Glen Ewen, SK

S0C 1C0

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